Promote your business effectively and gain new customers FAST!
Full Service EDDM® mailings
are a great way to get in front of your target audience. Let us take the hassle out of your direct mail campaign, our full service EDDM® mailings include:
  • Multiple sizes (over sized cards allowed)
  • Low postage (18.6¢ and lower)
  • Easy to use mapping tool (No mailing lists needed - Map out your mailing route by yourself)
Place your order today using this order form or call us direct at 800-986-2459.

1. Choose A Size
All postcard sizes we offer are compliant with the US Post Office.
2. Select the Target Mailbox Date
The estimated date you want your cards delivered to your targeted customer.
3. Select Routes
Using our advanced mapping tool you can select the exact routes you want to target. This will show you counts and total costs including postage. You can also sort by median income in the route table.
4. Upload your Art
Upload your art files or have one of our awesome designers create a custom postcard for your business.
5. Order
It's super simple and you will never need to wait in line at the Post Office again!

NOTE: Leave 2” wide X 1.5” high blank area in the upper right corner on 1 side of your card for our Full Service EDDM® Indicia. We will add the indicia on the card for you.

Full Service EDDM®

Pricing will be available once routes are selected.